Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brandom's Locke Lectures

Our technology correspondent, Jason Voigt, has made MP3s of Robert Brandom's Locke Lectures that are available for download here.

Jason says: "First, anyone looking for an initial point of entry can find a decent summary of each of the lectures here. Second, Brandom has also presented an overview of the new project and discussed its motivations in a lecture available here."

Thanks, Jason.


joyrexus said...

Forgot to mention two things.

First, some of the audio from the Lecture 5 session is missing (i.e., the very tail end of the lecture, Jarda Peregrin's commentary, and the first part of Brandom's reply), but will be made available as soon as I can get a copy of the DVD with the missing footage from the folks in Prague.

Second, if anyone is interested I have transcripts of Brandom's "Saying and Doing" Seminar offered at Pitt back in 2005 in preparation for the Locke Lectures. This was his first run through the material, delivered in an informal lecture style and at a much more leisurely pace. Contains many fascinating philosophical and technical asides that did not make it into the final lectures.

-- J.V.

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