Thursday, September 06, 2007

Philosophy Audio

Jason Voigt has been putting up lots of philosophy in audio format. He just posted conversations between McDowell and Davidson and Dummett and Davidson, and a bunch of interviews with Quine, in addition to the Brandom mentioned in the previous post.

Davidson and McDowell, Davidson and Dummett

Quine and Block, Dennett, Dreben, Boolos, Goldfarb


Wilfrid Sellars

Thanks again, Jason.

**UPDATE, 8/2/08: Only the Brandom link is currently active, the others are down.**
**UPDATE, 8/12/08: A Sellars Lecture has been added, hat tip to Alptekin Sanli**

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brandom's Locke Lectures

Our technology correspondent, Jason Voigt, has made MP3s of Robert Brandom's Locke Lectures that are available for download here.

Jason says: "First, anyone looking for an initial point of entry can find a decent summary of each of the lectures here. Second, Brandom has also presented an overview of the new project and discussed its motivations in a lecture available here."

Thanks, Jason.