Monday, June 25, 2007

Davidson Video Series

Inspired by our acquisition and viewing of the Strawson-Evans conversation on truth, Jason Voigt has suggested that the library order a massive series of interviews with Davidson. Jason sent me this blurb:

"In this comprehensive video archive, Professor Davidson defends his position in a series of intensive one-on-one conversations each scrutinizing a particular topic; he participates in a summit panel discussion with W. V. Quine and Sir Peter Strawson which explores some similarities and differences between them; and he speaks candidly in a scene-setting biographical interview with Rudolf Fara of the London School of Economics. The Davidson Series is a major resource for teaching from undergraduate upwards as well as an important research archive. The series contains nineteen VHS videos (available in all formats) and a Series Guide."

Anyone interested in finding out more about the series can check out this link.

The series is expensive, so it might require more than one request before the library buys the series. If you're interested, you can email the bibliographer for philosophy at:

If the library does purchase the series, we could have a contest to see who can watch the most of it. It contains about 20+ hours of footage.


joyrexus said...

An update from Beth Bidlack, the U of C Library's Bibliographer for Philosophy: "Great news, I was able to secure the funding for both [the Quine and Davidson] series and asked our Acquisitions Department to order the videos. It is cheaper to purchase both at the same time. I will check with Acquisitions regarding the status of the purchase and make sure that you are notified when the videos arrive."

Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Nat Hansen said...

Thanks for making it happen.

joyrexus said...

For anyone interested, I've posted some audio taken from the series: the McDowell and Dummett interviews with Davidson and the Block, Boolos, Dennett, Dreben, and Goldfarb panels with Quine.