Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Philosophy of Mind Workshop, Spring Quarter

The first meeting of the Philosophy of Mind workshop will be Wednesday, April 5th.

We will meet in Cobb 119 from 6pm-8pm.

Zed Adams (pictured above) will be presenting his paper, "A Defence of Colour Primitivism". (He insisted on "color" being spelled with a "u", and "defense" with a "c".) Zed has asked us to read the following two things in preparation:

(1) Byrne and Hilbert, "Color Primitivism"

(2) Austin, "Sense and Sensibilia", pp. 65-68 (beginning with "Let us begin, then with a preliminary ..." and ending with "not a real duck". (The page numbers may vary from edition to edition. Zed has the 1976 edition.)

For the second half of the workshop, we will discuss pp. 1-43 in Austin's Sense and Sensibilia.

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