Monday, July 04, 2005

Philosophy of Mind In L.A.

While walking around the UCLA campus, guided by UCLA philosophy grad student Ben C., we spotted this salon:

I'd like to return and get the Dedekind cut.


David said...

And they say that studying philosohy doesn't prepare students for the business world.

I used to think that when I didn't get a job in philosophy, I'd open a shop called Hegel's Bagels. It would seel extremely dense bagels that were almost impossible to swallow.

David said...

That should have read "sell extremely dense bagels," rather than "seel" them. No one could make a living seeling bagels.

Nat Hansen said...

I'd like to post photos of a few other commercial-philosophical establishments:

-The Wiener Circle
-Adorno's Pizza

Unlike the Frege Hair Color Salon, I think those two make unintentional philosophical references.

lucyflynn9768 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Charles P. Everitt said...

First of all, what are these mysterious comments that are being deleted by the blog administrator? Second of all, I think "Adorno's Pizza" may no longer exist. Third of all, how does one get a little photo of oneself next to one's comment, like Nat has?

Nat Hansen said...

The mysterious deleted comments were blog spam. One said, "Hey, I think your blog is really cool. I'm interested in a lot of the same things you are. Check out my blog at www.blahblahblah". Clicking on the link took you to a site offering stock tips.

But...I'm not interested in stock tips.

To get the picture, you have to add a picture to your profile.

It's a shame about Adorno's Pizza.

Anonymous said...

Adorno's pizza:

Nat Hansen said...