Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Waterfall Illusion

On Thursday, May 26, Nate Z. presented his paper dismantling Crane's argument for non-conceptual content. Not only did Nate give good reasons to think Crane's argument doesn't go through, he also made some provocative claims about differences between the content of experience and the content of belief.

Jay E. provided his camera so we could document the last meething of the workshop this year, and the last meeting of the workshop in the Anscombe Lounge.

Below: Nate Z. demonstrates the sprial version of the waterfall illusion.

Justin S., Rachel G. and Aidan G. are transfixed by the illusion.

David F. taxis down the runway.

Jason B. makes a claim and David F. looks on in despair.

Nat H. in the Logical Positivism shirt: Cruisewear for Neurath's Boat.

Nate Z. reads his paper.

Farewell to the Lounge.

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