Monday, March 07, 2005

Previous Readings in the Workshop

2002: Peter Geach, Mental Acts
2003: Gareth Evans, Varieties of Reference
2003: Jonathan Bennett, Rationality
2003-2004: Various articles on animal thought by Donald Davidson, Susan Hurley, and Jose Luis Bermudez
2004: P.F. Strawson, Individuals
2004-2005: David Wiggins, Sameness and Substance

We will begin reading Saul Kripke's Naming and Necessity in the spring.


Nat Hansen said...

Texts that have been proposed in the past (but that we have decided not to read, for whatever reason) include the following:

-Fodor, Hume Variations
-Parfit, Reasons and Persons
-Brandom, Making it Explicit
-Brewer, Perception and Reason
-McCulloch, The Life of the Mind
-Davidson, one of the new volumes
-Paul Churchland, Scientific Realism and the Plasticity of Mind
-Tye, Consciousness and Persons

Nat Hansen said...

Two suggestions for next year:

Campbell, Past, Space and Self
Smith, The Problem of Perception

Nat Hansen said...

In keeping with our policy of (mostly) reading classics, I also suggest:

Quine, Word and Object